Monday, 28 August 2017

Year 3: Minor / Major project ideas

 Initial Mind Map

Dahlia, Queen of the Berbers rework

As a first idea, I would take the idea of Dahlia and completely rework her in terms of design and how I modelled her; making her a true games model, keeping the theme of a strong female lead character, but also taking in the feedback from the crit presentation, where she needs to look more like the main character, and not a background character. The end result could be: a turn around model with animation, a short animation, or a scene from the world she is in (3D modelled). I want to showcase an in depth art bible of concept art and illustration, and push the boundaries of what I can achieve, and create something unique. 

This influence map includes strong female leads, as well as middle eastern character ideas for Dahlia. Something high quality, sophisticated, detailed and unique is something I aim for.

From Script to Screen 

The second idea would be taking the story of "The Window Cleaner" into something I truly wanted to make - a male/male love story. The actual plot may be changed up as I'm not fond of the original story anymore (as it feels quite cheesy); the end result would be a fully rendered animation, however this would be an enourmous task and push me right out of the comfort zone and would require a lot of help, but it would be an excellent end result. 

Outer space / Character design 

 The third idea - very early stages, however I'm thinking of something to combine the two. I'm thinking of a futuristic/ civilisation that are light years away/ historic/ first civilisation, with inspiration from the Mass Effect series, Rick and Morty, Star Wars and Doctor Who. I like the idea of civilisation far from Earth, with unique beings and never before seen characters, however this is a very early idea, and I'm not sure what I could do with it. 

This influence map holds a general idea of what I'm thinking, yet at the same time I wish to do something that's not been done before: character design and stories/films about outer space and aliens is quite common.

Good/ Evil; Ying/Yang; Angel/Devil

Fourth idea: Two character models representing either of the above ideas - this does seem very generic, though.

Overall, i'm leaning towards re-making Dahlia, perhaps as a year long Major project to perfect her, however if I where to do a minor as well, I'm not sure what it would be.