Friday, 10 November 2017

Minor/Major - Mindmap

This mindmap shows the ideas on the message I wish to show with the 'Superhero ad campaign' as well as some issues I need to avoid. Since the cartoon style would appeal more to children, I somehow need to balance the style to suit a more teenage/mature audience as I would like to have a sexy male character to challenge society. I also want people to feel proud of themselves and their own bodies, as well as their nationalities, celebrate LGBT etc.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

@Alan @Phil Minor/Major Cartoon style character concepts

In order to create successful models, I need to step away from my comfort zone of drawing characters realisticly. Here, I looked at cartoon styles from things such as Cartoon Network, to figure company Good Smile's nendoroid line. For the superheroes, I'm liking numbers 17 and 18. The characters (not sure how many yet) will be bold characters who are rarely seen in media, so androgyny, gay, plus-size, transgender, and/or Muslim etc, and show them as amazing and strong figures.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Maya Arnold - Fog and Physical Sun and Sky; Portal Light

In this lesson, we took a look at creating a sun and sky environment for this house model. We also played around with lighting and settings. This first render has a spooky Scooby-Doo vibe.

Physical Skies - In the renders below, fog was added for a more mysterious effect.

Portal lights - this gives the effect of fuel coming out of the jet vehicle.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Maya: Lighting and Rendering: Depth of field, Ambient Occlusion Transparency and Atmosphere

In todays session, we looked at different ways of rendering in Arnold. The first image is the treasure scene with the ambient occlusion transparency map.

Depth of field - focus on the chrome ball 

Depth of field with an extremely small amount of blur surrounding the ball

Atmosphere rendering to create a film noir vibe.

Using blue and purple to create an enchanting atmosphere.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Minor/Major Project - Honing in on a final idea

Another post about an exciting new development of ideas! The idea stems from my interest in supporting the LGBT community - and creating a good/fun representation of them; perhaps making diverse individuals who proudly display their sexuality, for example:

A set of superhero's who could be advertised on a poster, the side of a bus, a billboard, inside the Tube station etc, with unique designs.

I do also want to dabble in how women are usually heavily sexualised and turn it on its head; perhaps make a sexy man who appeals to the female gaze for once ( as well as gay men) but not make him camp; the moodboard below shows roughly what i'm talking about with some examples of sexy men that are rarely seen in todays media:

Also seen here is Wonder Woman more covered up than usual; more fierce, and more dominant. This is something I would like to consider; but also, the hero's can be of a different race to show diversity, as well as different body types such as: more thick, more muscular, taller, shorter, so that it relates more to us as real humans. I also need to take my level of realism down a notch to make things easier for myself. 

As for the style, there are a few options; when talking to Alan, we questioned how the "Top Trumps" style cards, advertisements/posters would be in the 70's/80's/90's: at a time when things were not as accepting, and it would be strange to see.

Another style could be that of a Reniassance style painting; showing elegance; there is a painting done by Sam Spratt for the promotion of rapper "Logic's" song, which looks like an elegant renaissance style painting, but is in face full of modern people, with a statue of a robot in the background laying in the traditional style. This would be interesting to do, however the level of realism needed would be challenging.

I do like the idea of an 80's theme: I enjoy the style and culture of the decade, and could make something really unique and bold.

"Anyway - I can imagine a series of posters featuring heroic kickass LGBTQ characters - essentially, turning bullied scared school kids into heroes - or giving them some heroic archetypes of their own to admire."

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Maya 2017: Rendering with Arnold

During today's Maya session, we took a look at the newest, more realistic and faster renderer, Arnold. Arnold is incorporated in both Maya 2017 and 2018; this time around we used the 2017 version.

We took a scene of treasure and played around with lighting, exposure (as if the render view is a real-life camera), changing the samples (to make the image less grainy) and experimenting with a range of lights, such as Maya directional, point, spot and quad light. In my first attempt the image came out quite dark and grainy; a mesh light was added to the cup to make it glow.

Some other attempts with different lights and changing up the colours.