Thursday, 24 May 2018

Major Project: Reflective Statement

What a journey this project has been! I feel as though Phil, Alan and I came to a desicion that this idea of creating a film about how i feel when I draw was the best route, and I moved away from my idea of a superhero campaign.

I defininetly felt more comfortable with what I was doing, however I didn't realise how much I would struggle too with the Maya sections and how to put the scenes together; even now I feel I could do better, yet with some guidance and help I feel my film is okay and narrates a story pretty well.

Having many setbacks from my personal life and mental health has been a constant battle, as well as the RSi creeping back; I feel really glad with what i've acomplished.

There are many things I do wish I could improve on:

My 3D skills - I believe that the interest in 3D and the technical side of things just isn't in me, and i've discovered myself to just embrace and love drawing.

Stage direction/ camera movement/ angles: This is quite noticable that I need to improve here; I just haven't done this enough and researched enough on how to do it.

Strengths: After Effects skills: My AE skills improved alot during this project

Drawing: I found myself drawing and painting even quicker with good results and able to produce successful images.

This entire course has been the journey of a lifetime and one I will never forget, as it has shaped me and I will continue to shape into a human being out and ready to step into the big wide world.

Major Project: Submission Post 24/05/2018


Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Major: Scene 13 re-done

The last scene is now done, and I can put the film together now. 


Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Major: Scene 23 [Final scene]


Major: Scene 12 re-done

Taking on board Phil's advice about not having the scene too static, scene 12 is a table based inside a swirling galaxy that represents my mind.

Modelling the book

Setting up the scene


Monday, 21 May 2018

Major: Scene 22

Creating a simple gallery scene in Maya


Major: Scene 6.2 re-done


 Original video


I used this tutorial originally to make the flame. The base is the CC Particle Word node along with 5 other effects stacked on top, such as blur and adding more glow.

New video, that reveals the character through the fire: