Thursday, 24 May 2018

Major Project: Reflective Statement

My Final Project has been quite a journey for me! I feel as though my Tutors Phil, Alan and I came to a thoughtful mutual desicion to steer my Final Project Plan idea towards that of creating a film around the way I feel when I draw illustrations and my lifetime's influences and events which shaped my creativity and passion for Illustration and unique Character formations. I also decided to focus on some of the causes that I wish to champion within the Character /Art Industry , such as the objectification of Women and the non- representation of people with protected charactristics such as the disabled and LBGTQ Community. Finally, I wanted to depict people suffering  from Mental Health issues using my own experiences to provide an Artisitc angle on the Conditon and its persuasive nature. I passionatly believe that there needs to be much more postitve depictions of all of humanity, who are not represented in a positive dynamic way throughout today's Media and Art as the hetreosexual Male Gaze dominates Society throughout the Zeitgiest. I also used my animation to showcase some of the Unique Characters I can create and the fact that Drawing and Illustration has been a fundemental part of my life.

I felt that I improved and advanced in my drawing / illustration skills and was able to accelerate my paint using Photoshop pace, with positive results and execute successful images.
My After Effects skills also improved dramatically throughout this Project and the Degree as a whole.

I do acknowledge that with regards to Animation I would need to practice and refine my skills further. However I also realise that my niche and specialisation for the future and the Career route I am most suited to, is in the Illustrative/ Character and  Drawing fields relating to Games Character Designs for example. I also realised that I have secondary interest in the 3D and the technical side of
Animation such as stage direction/ Camera Movement. That is why I focused my Final Project on Drawing and illustration.

This entire Degree Course has been the journey of a lifetime! and one I will never forget, as it has helped shape me into a Professional Artist and it will continue to guide my life and Career thoroughout my lifetime. I also hope to depict and create unique Characters to represent all of humanity within the Game Characters Sector and the World of Art as a whole.

Finally I would like to say a big Thank you!! to my tutors Phil, Alan and everyone at UCA who championed, supported and developed my Artistic Skills to Degree level and guided me towards passing my Computer Animation Arts Degree!!

Major Project: Submission Post 24/05/2018


Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Major: Scene 13 re-done

The last scene is now done, and I can put the film together now. 


Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Major: Scene 23 [Final scene]


Major: Scene 12 re-done

Taking on board Phil's advice about not having the scene too static, scene 12 is a table based inside a swirling galaxy that represents my mind.

Modelling the book

Setting up the scene


Monday, 21 May 2018

Major: Scene 22

Creating a simple gallery scene in Maya


Major: Scene 6.2 re-done


 Original video


I used this tutorial originally to make the flame. The base is the CC Particle Word node along with 5 other effects stacked on top, such as blur and adding more glow.

New video, that reveals the character through the fire: