Saturday, 22 August 2015

Refined Machinary Drawings

The final batch of sketches – this time of machinery. I went with number 31 after a long time deciding between this one and numbers 55 and 65. I like to draw complicated designs and unique shapes, and in the end this flying mini-gun style weapon is what i went with. I really like this design as it almost looks like a face, is interesting to look at and has a lot going on. I got my inspiration for this from the Terminator movie franchise – self aware evil machines that have a mission to kill. This design is a more compact but equally menacing machine. Overall, I am happy with this design.

Refined Structure Digital Drawings

Front, side and back view of the chosen structure design. This was drawn in Photoshop with a Bamboo Tablet. I chose to refine number 86; I was going for a futuristic yet menacing design. I am fairly happy with how this came out, however I believe I could have improved on the painting and chosen a colour scheme. Buildings and architecture in general is one of my weakest spots so it's best to practice more and be outside of my comfort zone, however I feel I have achieved a unique looking structure. I like the strong pipes showing at the bottom, the pyramid rib style middle section with sharp edges to add to the harsh look and the shield like tail showing on the back.

Refined Lifeform Drawings

Here is the first set of refined sketches. This life-form is based off of design number 91. After sifting through many of the ideas, I found this one to be my favourite because of the mix between warrior-like design, alien likeness and exaggerated “human” body proportions. Number 91 is only a bust sketch and I was excited to draw the full body version. I really like how this came out; the crown resembles the Egyptian God Osiris (as Ancient Egypt is one of my interests) the torso holds a large jewel and a lightning streak pattern across the body as well as protective spikes. The arms are very slim and resembles human proportions, including the five fingers, exept exaggerated. The legs are more animal like and the life-form has long flowing hair. With this design, I was mixing a variety of species and material (i.e instead of just skin and fur or a full armor body). Strangely and intriguingly on the side view drawing, the creature looks for feminine yet other aspects more  masculine, showing a genderless being which is quite interesting. Overall I am very happy with the outcome and it was interesting trying to think about the character as a 360 image in my head so I could draw a side and back view.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

CAA Summer Project - Sketches 81 -101

The final batch of sketches. Creating 101 sketches was quite a task however it was very enjoyable. I will now pick three designs and refine them.

CAA Summer Project - Sketches 51-80

Sketches 51-80; back to traditional pencil, feeling more comfortable and letting my pencil flow and looking back and fourth at the objects and repeating, using some as seeds to create something else and creating diverse shapes.

CAA Summer Project - Sketches 44-50

These drawings were done in Photoshop with a Wacom Tablet. There are less ideas here as it took me much longer to draw digitally than it did traditionally. However, I do like each design and I feel digital work gives a crisp, clean feel. Number 47 shows one of the techniques I used: creating a silhouette and then drawing on top to create the creature.

CAA Summer Project - Sketches 23-43

On this page, I have tidied up the layout more and fit more drawings on. I also feel that as i progress and do more sketches, more ideas come to me. I do prefer over 80% of the drawings on this one now.

CAA Summer Project - Sketches 1-22

The first post! Here are my first 22 sketches for the summer project. It is fun yet challenging at the same time to think of unique forms but all in all, I have enjoyed it. There are certainly some areas I can improve here, such as number 15, 16 and 19 which could've used more imagination, but I was just drawing what came to my mind. On this page, I particularly like numbers 2,3,8,9 and 13 because of the unique shapes and complexity.