Sunday, 9 August 2015

CAA Summer Project - Sketches 81 -101

The final batch of sketches. Creating 101 sketches was quite a task however it was very enjoyable. I will now pick three designs and refine them.


  1. Hey Manisha,

    Welcome to the beginning of the beginning! And lots of lovely sketches here - well done, looking forward to you making your selection!

    A few of your classmates are already blog active - see below - go leave a comment and introduce yourself - the quicker I can knit you all together, the easier your first few weeks will become!

    1) Deanna Crisbacher @
    2) Hannah Kubias @
    3) Thomas Smith @

    See you soon,


    1. Hi Phil,

      Thank you very much ! I am looking forward to starting now and everyone's blogs are coming out really nice

      Yes, I can't wait to refine too :)

  2. Designs look rad! I'm starting in September too!

  3. Hey Manisha :)

    Another new arrival! Go say hi!

    Ian @