Saturday, 22 August 2015

Refined Machinary Drawings

The final batch of sketches – this time of machinery. I went with number 31 after a long time deciding between this one and numbers 55 and 65. I like to draw complicated designs and unique shapes, and in the end this flying mini-gun style weapon is what i went with. I really like this design as it almost looks like a face, is interesting to look at and has a lot going on. I got my inspiration for this from the Terminator movie franchise – self aware evil machines that have a mission to kill. This design is a more compact but equally menacing machine. Overall, I am happy with this design.


  1. Hey Manisha :) Great to see you powering on with your summer project -and just a bit of blogging advice; if you look at this post, you'll see that your image is actually wider than the content area of your blog. You need to choose a different size for your images; you can do this by editing the post (click on the little 'pencil' icon at the bottom of the post) and clicking again on the uploaded image, and you should see that you sizing options ranging from small to 'original size' - select the size that will fit neatly within the width of the content section of your blog post :)

  2. Hi Phil! Thank you, I've sorted the posts out now :) Really enjoyed this project too~