Saturday, 22 August 2015

Refined Structure Digital Drawings

Front, side and back view of the chosen structure design. This was drawn in Photoshop with a Bamboo Tablet. I chose to refine number 86; I was going for a futuristic yet menacing design. I am fairly happy with how this came out, however I believe I could have improved on the painting and chosen a colour scheme. Buildings and architecture in general is one of my weakest spots so it's best to practice more and be outside of my comfort zone, however I feel I have achieved a unique looking structure. I like the strong pipes showing at the bottom, the pyramid rib style middle section with sharp edges to add to the harsh look and the shield like tail showing on the back.


  1. This is looking really interesting, I would be interested in seeing what it looks like on the inside!

    Ps I am one of the many second years, wishing you all the best for the first year.

    1. Hi! Thank you very much :) V. nervous but also really excited, cheers ^^