Sunday, 6 March 2016

@Phil Fantastic Voyage: Bacteria and Antibiotic development

I wasn't exactly sure what you meant for me to do with the tail/tentacles...but here's some ideas.

Some developments for the antibiotic...I'm like #3, #7 and #8 so far

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  1. I just meant draw the three tentacles the 'same' way - i.e. same thickness at the top, same thinness at the end - if you look at your original drawing, you'll see that the three tentacles are irregular sizes - standardise them as anatomy, so when you draw them curling etc. they read as the 'same' anatomy as each other, only in different positions. Basically, improve technically the drawing of those three tentacles.

    Meanwhile, re. the antibiotic design - I don't like them - sorry - I think they're too complex. Just like your bacteria is a good single solid shape, I think your antibiotics should be a good single solid shape. I think a single capsule shape with a floating pair of hands (not arms) would suffice? Think Eve from Walle in this respect - simple, clean, modern, and less organic than the bacteria in its appearance.