Monday, 2 May 2016

CG Artists Toolkit: Autodesk Maya Tutorial Submission (To Be Updated)

Intro to Autodesk Maya

Animation: Car, Spaceship, Robot and Chain

Modelling 1: Digital Sets

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Lighting and Rendering 1

Exterior lighting for animation (mid day, sunset, romantic)
Exterior lighting for animation (night)
Interior lighting for still images

Texturing and Shading 1

Sampler info node
Sampler info node (double sided shader)
Sampler info node (rim light shader) 
Sampler info (reflectivity)
Tileable & textured layers (Part 1)
 Tileable & textured layers (Part 2)
Intro to substance materials 
Intro to Maya fur
Maya fur Santa hat

Animation 1

Bouncing ball on the spot

Settle & Rest: Pendulum
Hanging chain
Squash & Stretch: jumping mushroom
Anticipation & Follow through: Can Snatch
& Walk cycles part 1: Mechanics

Pre-Vis 1

Pan shot
Roll shot
Pitch shot
Dolly shot
Crane shot
Distance shot
Car Crash - Camera control
Camera shake
Contra Zoom

Modelling 2: HS & Organic

Hard surface modelling
Organic Modelling

Rigging and Skinning

Biped Rigging (WIP)
Interactive weights, component editor (WIP)
Post weights and interactive bind (To Be Updated)

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