Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Narrative: Name of group Ideas and Logos

As we decend into year 2, my group (Mark, Lewis and I) have started cracking on with ideas. At first there was a bit of a blunder for what to call our group and the colour schemes, but we've learnt to compromise.

At first, the name was decided to be "The Barber Shop", so I created some ideas.  However, it was then decided that the name would not properly represent an "animation studio", so we went with something more unique and unisex: "The Pulse". Here are a few logo ideas I came up with:

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  1. How about just 'Pulse' as in 'Pulse Studios' as in a 'Pulse Studios Production' - 'The Pulse Studios' sounds a bit unwieldy? To be honest 'Barbershop Studios' has a nice ring about it too - quirky and appealing?