Saturday, 8 April 2017

@ALAN Adaptation B - Designs

I'm still trying to find a suitable style for the Arabic warrior; she would be the strong protagonist in a 1 player game, have muscle, scars and be more voluptuous. I'm struggling to create an armour design as I don't want to get carried away with detail, but I also wish to maintain her strength. 


These are the influence maps I have so far, looking at older arabian art and armour.

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  1. Hi Manisha - 1 (page 1), 4 (page 2). Hovever, I'm a little bit confused by your body drawings. They seem male to me. Too bulky and less elegant than perhaps would be inspired by the female form. That being said, what is your goal for this character? If she is meant to move in an elegant manner (assassins creed like) so the costume design would work with movement - because she would have made clothes that are the best suited for that. It's like wearing the right clothes to the gym. You can then blend that with her ethnic origin. So cultural history, what is available to her, and what her taste is. Finally, what is your world rules (design / game). Who is she? What's her outlook on that world? Is she fighting back, against expectations etc.