Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Character: Influence Maps #2 and Idea Development

After talking with Justin about a few ideas, we came up with one that I like the most. As the quote is: "And there are people who say you're invloved, that you might be responsible, that you're a very dangerous man..." it would be quite fun and comedic to set it in an innocent toy world and a cute character being threatened with the line. 

The idea is that a teddy bear massacre has occured during a picnic, and there are chalk markings of teddy bears with the authorites all around the place. The only teddy bear left alive and at the scene is the immedient suspect and is being questioned by police, but he will seem totally innocent and shocked at what's going on.  Photographs would be shown as "evidence" of the teddy handing out food and drink, thinking of a possible mass poisoning, but there is blood at the scene (possibly rainbow/ colourful blood to keep with the cute theme) and the lack of evidence let's the bear go.

Once he leaves, he reaches perhaps behind a tree bark ,unveiling an enourmous knife/ weapon doused in blood, and he skips over the hill into the sunset - what a twist! 

These are some influence maps of what I have in mind.

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