Friday, 7 October 2016

Character: Influence Maps

 I am choosing the world of a toy town - i believe this would be a perfect setting. I've done an influence map of the types of colour, style and ambience i would like to give the place - after all, toys bring joy and happiness to children, and are quite colourful. My quote will be out of place but comedic for the toy town.

An influence map of some character ideas - I was thinking along the lines of a "bent copper" - a police officer who is bribing /framing a criminal / member of the public for ther own benefit. Having a cute officer or character would make the deep voice comedic. This is just one idea I like yet, the situation could be totally different.

Some early concept sketches I did of the type of character the narrator would be, I did these to practise a simplistic style too.

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