Tuesday, 15 November 2016

@Justin Character: Police, bear, props and environment progress

Some progress of design work. As usual, I'm finding it very difficult with designing the environment, so will need some help. The main police officer will be that of a semi-realistic style action figure, whilst the background officers will be cute comedic characters that are similar, so that the main characters stand out.

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  1. Hi Manisha - The logic of your world reminds me of several things.

    1) Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
    2) Cool World (1992)
    3) Toy Story (1995)

    In Roger Rabbit there is a universe already established where 'Toons' and Humans live together. In Cool World a person is sucked into a world of cartoons. In Toy Story there are toys who are alive but not seen by Humans (unless they allow them too). I'm wondering where the logic in your world sits? What made you decide to pick a realistic Human in a world of toys? This is just a question not a criticism (it can work comedically) but I think in terms of 'supporting' your idea I'd include references to the films I mentioned above (and more). It would also help you frame and understand your design choices more.