Friday, 4 November 2016

Narrative: Animatic V2



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  4. Hi Manisha -

    There is a bit of a disconnect in this animatic between imagery, rhythm (editing), story message, and the abstract nature of a soundscape. As a result the animatic is 'mechanical and linear' relying on one dimensional 'slideshow' storytelling. Unfortunately this means that the story is lost at the end. To put this another way, this story idea is complicated and therefore needs 'all of the dimensions' to make it work. I suspect too that you've found it hard to contain it in the 1.30 minute time frame for that reason. I've (very quickly) re-edited your film to visually explain what is missing...Overall the underlying editing style should be based upon the theme of the piece, in this case - 'repetition and a lumberjack (axe chopping) which both equal 'repeated equal rhythm'. I've also included a use of sound as a way to point towards other off screen events and to give a sense of repeat and foreshadowing. Importantly the piece now starts and ends in the same place (the eternal loop) and has repetitive events (both visual and sound).

    FYI - My advice in future when editing is to keep sound in mind (it can give you the pacing and timing of each cut). Also it help to find a theme to inspire the editing style. For example the film 'Rush' is about two racing drivers and therefore is cut as a 'neck and neck race'. The film 'Rope' is one continual shot (because it's a piece of rope) etc.

    NOTE: Also there is no need to walk everywhere. Cut where you can.

    NOTE: The middle 'spirit' section needs more definition / shots (showing the growth).