Saturday, 28 January 2017

ADAPTATION B: Islamic story ideas research

For my adaptation B idea, I'm wanting to create a strong female games character, but far away from stereotypical games characters. The idea is to create a Muslim/Islamic/Middle Eastern strong female character that not only proudly wears traditional clothing e.g the hijab, but fights the strong stereotype of Islamophobia in the world. I'd like her to have a realistic body shape, abnormalities such as scars that show her in a good way instead of associated scares with villans, etc. I need to research for the concept of a video game idea and look at Islamic stories, legends, myths, songs, poems etc about women to adapt. I've firstly looked at some Queens and stories: 


The story of a fictional warrior queen; she ruled over a kingdom consisting of Black women on a mythical Island of California. It was written around the 1500's. In the story, Calafia is a pagan that has been convinced to raise an army of female warriors and sail away from California, along with a flock of trained Griffins, in order to join a battle with Muslims against Christians who are defending Constantinople. Eventually Calafia is taken prisoner and converted to Christianity, and marries a cousin of Esplandian (the Christian king's son) and returns with her army to California. With this story, I feel it starts off good as it is about a female warrior, however it eventually leads to her converting to Christianity, which is not troublesome, but steers away from Muslim roots. 

Dihya / Kahina

Another warrior queen, originally a Berber, she was a military and religious leader that lead the resistance to the Muslim conquest of the Maghreb. She was born and died in the 7th century.

Dahlia, Queen of the Berbers

Dahlia was a elusive woman in history who faced her enemies while empires crumbled. She was another Berber queen, and her name means "the witch".


I enjoy listening to Arabic music, even though i don't understand what is being said, but with research from these Arabic singers I'm going to look more into the meaning and see if there is anything I can adapt. 

Elissa - Aaks Elli Shayfenha ( I'm the opposite to what they see)
Elissa - Lola El malama (If only they won't blame me)
Nancy Ajram - Aah W Noss (Yes and a half)
Najwa Karam - Ykhalili Albak ( I hope to God your heart will always be there )
Sherine - Khayneen (Betrayers)

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