Monday, 6 February 2017

ADAPTATION A: Titles and rough storyboard

 Alot of comedy and dramatic scenes going on here, which is a trait in popular anime. Number 1 associates with step 2 and binge watching the anime. The red skecth on top is the change that will happen in the scene - for example, day will turn to night. The next is the character talking in Japanese and more characters listening in interest. Number 3 shows the character dramatically saying quotes, and number 4 is when the show is over and the character is distraught.

The next scene, fill the void, will be of merchandise filling up the screen, number 6 is the character drawing a lot of treasured fanart, and numbers 7 and 8 show the character dressing up in cosplay and flaunting the outfit. 

Numbers 9 and 10 will show the character showing off the merchandise by wearing as much as possible. It looks similar to the cosplay stage and I don't want to confuse the audience, so I may change this. Numbers 11 and 12 show the character now reccomending the anime to another friend...

...and the cycle repeating as they're now both obssessed.

I'll go over the sketches and clean them up and keep with the kawaii theme.

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