Monday, 20 February 2017

OGR: Critical Persepctives - Dissertation Proposal

OGR by Manisha on Scribd


  1. Manisha

    Your whole proposal is far too vague and generalised at present and you are diluting its capacity to have impact because of all the examples of human characters and games you are trying to fit in-
    I would choose 1 or 2 ways in which humans are represented- i.e. as sexual stereotypes – women and as ‘exotic other’ - the orientalism debate would be logical which is well discussed in relation to visual culture and particularly in relation to the idea of post colonialism and power
    Both of these concepts fall under various differing aspects of gaze theory- found in all general texts on visual culture- orientalism has become a feature of postmodern debate- this as a background context to your discussion is also missing colonial debate
    Your discussion is very ‘euro-centric’ there are many non-western films that actually depict people less as stereotypes and more as individuals- look at Persepolis, Waltz with Bashir etc.
    Read something like Teach Yourself Postmodernism by Glen Ward to help raise your understanding about how these ideas connect to new ways of defining and understanding identity

    Your chapter outlines don’t reveal your lines of critical enquiry….. each chapter should be building on debate and be bridged to the next with linking to the progression of ideas
    There is a missing sense of how gaming caries on a tradition discussed in John Berger’s text Ways of Seeing relevant to traditions of representation in the western world, seen initially through art and film/advertising.
    You could read further on film history/theory and the development of gaming- there has been recent criticism of Grand Theft Auto 5 for it’s half way position in the representation of characters as conforming to stereotypes but not going all the way towards being balanced in how it represents women for example.

    The dissertation needs to become a lot more complex and thoughtful

  2. Chapter 1 : "The Male Gaze"

    Chapter 3: Problematic Games vs. more Progressive Games (representation of women in games).