Thursday, 11 May 2017

Adaptation B: Reflective Statement

After today's crit, I had very useful feedback regarding my work  as well as approaching work. The first main factor was that I needed to be on campus at University more, in order to get help earlier on with my modelling, as avoidable errors where made (for example: the model of Dahlia was originally meant to be made for video games, however I smoothed her, so instead she seems more suitable for animation) and I should've asked for help more often.

  Dahlia also does not have a rig - and this is due to me not modelling her early on enough to make time for this, so in my next project I must plan my time management carefully.
  Another critique I received was that Dahlia looked more like a background character rather than the focal protagonist, and deep down I knew this was happening, however I'd thought that my modelling skills wouldn't be good enough to make intricate jewelry and accessories, so I played it safe and made a simpler, more "rigid" character. The rigidness was also an issue, so her pose needed to be more powerful.

Although there are many things to think about, overall i'm quite proud of what I've made - an warrior queen who is Muslim, non-sexualised and powerful; Muslims in media are generally not represented in a good light, and in many cases, female warriors in video games are often sexualised, so I challenged all of this. I also like how she looks with the textures applied, but there is a lot of room to improve and learn from my mistakes for a great third year.

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