Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Adaptation B: Dahlia Textures progress

Getting Dahlia textured; she still needs a few tweaks in places, such as the eyes and orange part of the boots, as well as the beads.

A comparison of an old face texture with the new texture


  1. Hi Manisha. I know this is a bit '11th hour / last minute' feedback but its been hard to see where you're heading with this model as it was produced mainly off campus and quite late. However, is this a 'games model'? If the answer to that is yes then there is no 'smoothing' in games model construction because games engines can only process a limited amount of polygons (see links below). Instead you make a high and low res model and bake out normal maps (games tutorials). What you shouldn't do is come to the crit and say you model is a game model with it smoothed - That will be a big oversight.




  2. typo - your model is a game model with it smoothed