Tuesday, 3 November 2015

What If? Metropolis: Travelogue

After a day’s hike through the thick, dense and colourful forrest, you are presented to a city that glistens like gemstones in the sun – Namito. You are on the hills edge; to the right the crystal cityscape puts you in a trance; to the left, bridges link the city to the dense forrest, whilst hanging over an ocean of aqua sea; the sky lightly colored with blue, turquoise and aqua, with thin fluffy clouds that gently glide by. The city is built on a large piece of land and sprouts into the water and the forrest; the edge of the city hosts sand as white as snow with an enormous beach. Fisher boats pass through the valley that connects from where you are stood, under your feet, and swim around the city in awe, before setting off into the ocean.
   Namito's structures both pierce the sky and cluster around themselves, but in a neat fashion. No two buildings are the same. Namito is surrounded by thriving mother nature: mountains, plants, earth, forrests, valleys, lakes, ponds. A city in the heart of nature, both where plants, animals and humans all co-exist. 
Careful walking down the steep hill – hold onto the trees and vines to guide you. Be wary of the valley that flows with frogs floating and ribbit in them – unless you don’t mind a splash of water on yourself. You see as you get closer to the city, you really start to see the stunning details. You feel like a worm looking up at the taller, more slender structures that disappear into the sky, and turn you head slowly from left to right to witness the array of pastel coloured buildings with chrome roofing. You also can feel the heat from the two suns that shroud the city in a delightful warmth – and as you step onto the metal sheets, you understand the roads and pavements are made of steel as far as the eye can see. An aroma of sweet flowers makes your way into your nose as you go fourth in the introductory street. Notice the orderly buildings and houses that coat the metal floor in an orderly fashion, and notice the incredibly unique shape of each structure. A spiraling building with an enormous cloak covering it, a structure that looks almost human like with arms on its hips, elegant and slim buildings. The diamond and crystal encrusted giant structure that glistens all the way around. The alien – like surface of the building next door that also soars high and mighty above you. Something else that is also noticed – this city is remarkably clean! The streets are spotless, the buildings look as though they are polished everyday; not a single piece of litter or leaves spoil the near perfect appearance of Namito. 
Continuing to get closer to the center of the city, and you are greeted by one of the most grand building of them all – a large, dome like cathedral that is shrouded in gold plating on its roofing, statues and velvet red curtains that are at least 30 feet tall, a clock tower that is barely visible as it almost touches the clouds – you enter it to see just how much this city appreciates the nature. Shrines, prayer rooms, social gatherings and festivals all busy at the same time, and images of butterflies, ravens, hawks, eagles and other animals rain around the walls of this grand building. After coming to terms with this building, you stumble back out to once again see the golden plates on the roofing, and finally you start to notice the people that inhabit this impossible place.

Regal, confident and model like are the words that come to your head. These people are incredibly tall and graceful, and walk slowly around their city draped in rich robes and dresses, suits and formal wear – as if they are all attending a party. Their heads held high, people walk past you and smile; some friends greet each other with a bow, a hug, a smile; these people move like ghosts. Their hands and faces are decorated with the finest jewellery that glisten just as bright as the buildings; children and pets behave remarkably well.

It seems that transport is scarce – many streets that connect to each other really doesn’t require transport, but those who need to get somewhere fast rush by you without their legs moving – so fast that a gush of wind almost moves you. As someone stops near a shop, you glance at their shoes – a tap to the ground gradually stops them. Its as if these people are ice skating on metal, but without the blades.

Recalling the stories your friends have told, it is said that the most glorious, expensive, rare stunning riches can be bought and found here. The most precious gems on earth, the purest gold, indescribable crystals with colours never before seen, jewellery that inspired whoever looks at them, priceless ancient clothes and jewellery.

Now as you walk through streets and alley ways, you come to a sweet market place and the smell penetrates your nose of mouth watering foods. Decorated stalls with smiling workers play grand orchestra music, and children run and laugh through the stalls. The foods on display are bold and vibrant, and you notice the forrest creeps back into this area and thrives growing  apples, peaches, strawberries, oranges and beautiful flowers. Also, the metal ground disintegrates and reveals the orangy earth below that is as hard as concrete and as smooth as silk.

Exiting the cheerful area and you walk a singular small path through a forrest, the smell of foods now overtaken by the sweet smells of flowers again, and damp ponds nearby. Situated on an elevated mountain is the governing body of Namito. An isolated, grand building that has chrome roofing, cream walls, vine patterns painted onto it, surrounded by the forrest and situated almost 1000 feet high, this building is well protected. Here, the leader and her army, assistant, cooks, maids and sub leaders live, as to get to this building would take you a half days hike to get up there. Birds, butterflies and dragon flies circle the top of the structure, and a golden sheet guides you to the top. This area as barely any people near it, and as you walk past the grand governing body, you see a patch of darkness into the distance.

Interesting, you get closer and closer to a dark piece of forrest, that remains black as you walk through it, until you notice you are at one of the edges of the city. A forgotten realm – often this part of the city does not consider itself as part of Namito, but rather Namito’s opposite. Smelly, isolated, dim and derelict, this abandoned small street is graffiti with hateful words such as “This city is an illusion” and “Do not believe this is your true life”. As you look up, you are horrified to see bodies hanging from the trees, so much so that the trees look like willow trees; corpses and bones left up there and insects buzzing around them. Shell shocked, you panic and flee back to the beautiful city of Namito and try to re assure yourself that what you just saw simply cannot be true. Someone looks at you, confused, and you desperately ask them “why are there bodies hanging, as if they committed suicide in such a sublime city?” and they reply “my dear, I have not a clue what you are talking about”.

As they walk you, you peer back behind you to see that the dense, dark forrest is gone.

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