Wednesday, 18 November 2015

WIM: Concept Art Painting


  1. Manisha! ENOUGH WITH THE DRAMATIC CAPITAL LETTERS! :) In terms of soliciting feedback, just be careful of 'over using' your blog in this way, because it might start to seem a bit needy, and it might start to turn people 'off'... Compositionally, I think this feels a little like an image of 'two halves' - and personally, I think the emphasis might be off - i.e. the city is dwarfed by the 'void' and I don't think this is necessarily a fair representation of McQueen's accomplishments... what do you think?

    1. Haha, sorry :) Okay, I did refine it for my OGR but i'll see what I can do about changing it...the city was supposed to look vast and the void in the foreground, but with the way of my painting it doesn't seem to come across.