Thursday, 26 November 2015

WIM: Maya Models V1 and V2

V2 on the left, V1 on the right.

I'm preferring the look of version 2 so far.


  1. These don't look like they are getting the arched shape that is in the side orthographic, could be the perspective of the screenshot but It looks like they only represent the front view. Also the hat-like thing on top, in the orthographics looks like it should extrude in on itself at the bottom, to give it a rim, I quickly through this together to show you what I mean:

    1. Hey Charlie, yeah I was struggling to achieve the curve. I had some help from Simon today and re-did them, so I'll upload them soon. Yes, those models you made are more like what i'm going for! Not sure how exactly to tackle the hat rim, but I'll experiment :) Thanks for your feedback

    2. A lot of it can be achieved by just moving edges and vertices, experiment away and good luck :D