Saturday, 11 March 2017

Adaptation B: Initial sketches

For Adaptation B, I've chosen to adapt the Berber Queen, Dihya al-Kahina, who was a military leader during the 7th century. During this time, Northwest Africa was under the control of the Eastern Roman Empire, but Egypt fell to the Islamic Conquest.

"The Byzantine capital of Carthage eventually fell to the armies of the Umayyad General Hasan ibn al-Nu'man, essentially wiping out Byzantine control of the area. However with their former rulers defeated, Dihya was able to rally all of the Berber tribes under her leadership and she became know as the 'Queen of the Berbers’. She mounted a campaign of resistance against the Ummayyad invaders, at first using guerrilla warfare but quickly escalating into outright conflict. Under her instruction the disorganised Berber forces quickly transitioned into a well-disciplined army." 

The general marched to face her but was defeated, and he had retreated to Libya, before preparing for a second battle with Dihya. Dihya's death is unknown, but it's thought that, Dihya had been killed by sword, or had committed suicide because of the inevitable defeat.

For the character herself, I imagine her in an adventure/fighting video game where she is the protagonist, and is shown to be very powerful. The addition of scars will go against the stereotype of characters with scars and anomalies being shown as "evil", and her body will be more voluptious.

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