Saturday, 11 March 2017

Adaptation B: Thumbnail sketches

For Adaptation B, I've chosen to adapt the Berber Queen, Dihya al-Kahina, who was a military leader during the 7th century. During this time, Northwest Africa was under the control of the Eastern Roman Empire, but Egypt fell to the Islamic Conquest.

For the character herself, I imagine her in an adventure/fighting video game where she is the protagonist, and is shown to be very powerful. The addition of scars will go against the stereotype of characters with scars and anomalies being shown as "evil", and her body will be more voluptious.  Also, as i've noticed with multiple leading ladies in games, such as Tomb Raider and Bayonetta, the female character is often sexualised in some way, but I wish to make the female equal to the male in terms of aesthetic and design, and for the character and outfit to be fit for purpose, e.g combatting with enemies

Looking at my influence maps I came up with some quick designs - however, i feel some look masculine and makes her look more male, but i'd like her to have a tough/macho feel. At the moment i'm liking 2,5 and 6. Feedback is welcome!


  1. These all have fantastic anatomy, I think the one that displays her form the best and gives clear fluidity between male and female forms is number 7. For reference I recommend looking at Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender, she has a very interesting design, being a 14 year old in heavier Armour. Amazing sketches!

  2. Before you ask people to select a character could you explain a little more about who they are and what their personality is (may be add it to this post)? Otherwise people are only choosing based upon aesthetic.