Monday, 25 January 2016

From Script to Screen: Inital character outift sketches

 Some outfit ideas for the cleaner inside the beauty salon. I looked at reference images and wanted to create quite a plain and simple outfit.

 I then thought she doesn't necessarily need to be in a generic cleaning outfit...

 With the window cleaner, i'm again keeping it simple. I also added a few ideas of his outfit when the scene changes to winter.

Some winter designs for the female cleaner, and more outfit designs for the window cleaner. I like some ideas here and there, such as the second page for the female and the final page for the male.


  1. I want less realism, more 'character'!

    1. Just sketching outfits here, I've explored character in the previous post

  2. FYI - Costume is character, so are environments, props, and vehicles. They should be born out the character, fit with character (shapes / line), and extend his/her personality. Simply put, there shouldn't be a seperate post for character and costume, they are one in the same. Try not to treat your charatcers as 'dress up dolls'.