Thursday, 28 January 2016

@Phil [Very] Rough Script and Storyboard

Also a question: For the definitive production design influence map, is it one map for each element of the story? And does the final storyboard need to be in color?

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  1. Hi Manisha:

    Definitive influence map = one that embodies style of whole story universe.
    No - for OGR storyboard doesn't have to be in colour, but final storyboard for hand-in (and from which you'll derive some/all of your animatic) should be at 'presentation quality' - i.e. coloured, expressive, communicative and professional!

    Love your thumbnail storyboard - script reads engagingly. The only thing I'd note is that your establishing shot of the parlour and the tree - I think you just need to give a bit more thought to where all of this is - so is the parlour and tree situated as part of a pedestrianised highstreet, for example? In terms of the credibility, you just need to give us a bit more visual info as to where the action is taking place. Onwards!