Sunday, 17 January 2016

@Phil Story Idea Refined V2

So, looking at Phil's advice hopefully I've got this as the final idea of my story. Of course I'll write it up properly, but just want to check that all is A.O.K!

We begin by seeing a window cleaner set down his tools and begin his work on a beauty parlor (the outside windows). He’s concentrating on his work, he looks quite sad as he’s always alone doing his job. From his POV, he can see beautiful women getting pampered in the parlor. They leave and he splashes cleaning product on the window, and as he wipes away he sees a mop appear (camera enters the parlor to look at the female cleaner) She also looks quite sad doing her work alone; neither the workers or customers acknowledge her. From her POV, she can see him and a tree with leaves/flowers just starting to blossom (blurred/out of focus) in the background; the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful clear day, and wind blows leaves around. As he cleans, bubbles appear from the soap he uses, and when she scrubs the floor, bubbles appear when she mixes cleaning products (keep showing presence of bubbles and the tree slightly). They make eye contact, and then look away smiling. 

Scene 2: It’s full swing summer now, the tree is fully blossomed, large and healthy. The parlor cleaner has now found herself looking forward to each time the window cleaner comes, and vice versa.They smile and look at each other more. He wipes a huge amount of soap on the window and draws cute things (like snowflakes, smiley faces, hearts). They both smile. As he wipes it away, more bubbles appear. He then leaves like normal, however he doesn’t return for a while. She begins to get sad again and thinks it was too good to be true.

Scene 3: Time has passed and winter has come. The tree has lost its flowers and leaves due to the cold and is a skeleton of what it was, however it’s snowing beautifully. It comes to Xmas eve and she closes up shop for the holidays. It’s evening, she has a coat on; it’s snowing beautifully. She holds out her hand to catch snowflakes, and looks at the sky, then she notices a bubble land in her hand, then more float around her. Confused, she turns around to see the enormous tree spectacularly decorated with bubbles for baubles that glisten with the lights (the tree having lost its leaves are replaced with the decoration). The window cleaner is standing next to it, smiling and blowing bubbles towards her. They both grin!

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  1. Maybe the tree shouldn't have lights, because obviously she would have noticed them otherwise; just have it being light beautifully by the moon and a street light or whatever - it just needs to look very christmassy.