Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Story & Commission: From Script To Screen Influence Maps

 Chosen from the blue box, my three words are: Window cleaner, Christmas tree and beauty parlor.
 Quite an interesting mix, but it's exciting thinking of the possibilities already! Action, romance, superhero, and evil Christmas tree, an end goal, introduction of other characters...let's see where this goes!

First up - the window cleaner. Must be a protagonist, or hero in all of this. Looking at the more air-borne acrobatic shots reminded me of sword wielding characters such as Raiden and Dante from combat games who. Somehow, the window cleaner tools can turn into weapons perhaps...there are also some stereotypical "sexy" window cleaners which can open a route to more ideas such as romance or show an epic hero.

Thinking about the Christmas tree, it could be evil, or holding something from the protagonist, or it looks innocent and transforms into something menacing. The origin of the tree also comes from Joesph coming across the burning bush in the story of Christ. I can use this idea of fire and create a menacing tree. On the flip side, the tree could be a sidekick. I have yet to explore this more.

Lastly, the beauty parlor. This can be where it all takes place - the cleaner cleaning the parlors windows. This place could also be crucial; important, hiding a secret etc. Windows can smash, the place turned upside down, warped into distortion...

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