Monday, 11 January 2016

@Phil Story Ideas V2 with research

Story Ideas V2

“Quieter, bitter-sweet, heart warming...”

1 ) Based on elderly characters. An older window cleaner feels he has no purpose as he goes about his day to day job; looking inside the beauty parlor as he works one day he spots an older woman working and looking sad like himself. Every other day he notices this, and slowly so does she. Both feeling empty and bored of doing the same thing everyday and feeling alone. He makes sure she is looking as he sprays on cleaner onto glass and draws a smiley face then wipes it away (cute gesture). One day she is putting up Xmas decorations herself and is struggling, and he comes into the parlor to help put up the heavy tree. (It falls? They bond/ laugh/ animation starts off bleak but delves into colour as the mood improves) He/she holds up mistletoe and they spontaneously kiss.

 2) Killer window cleaner! He is sent to kill someone working in the parlor, and his cleaning utensils double as a sniper, but as he sees who he will kill, he can’t. Power of love!

3) Similar to 1 but slightly younger / middle age characters. Window cleaner is on a rope high on a building scrubbing windows of the beauty parlor; somehow a worker falls through window(?) cleaner catches her, hoists her down.

4) Non human characters (?) Characters made of bubbles / water / elements (?)



  1. No 1 has potential I think, something glimmering there. Very much like the idea of the window cleaner communicating through signs on the window. Don't see why your characters have to be old though? They could just be lonely and unlucky. I did just have a mental image of soap bubbles as Christmas baubles - how that helps, I don't know, just a thought. I think you're onto something too with the Christmas setting - and somehow the Christmas Tree being symbolic of them getting together.

    So, we sort of have an Act 1:

    Introduce window cleaner / introduce woman in parlour / show that they're similarly lonely. At conclusion of Act 1, show that they've noticed each other... There happens to be a big tree outside the shop. It's in nearly every shot of the window, but at this stage it's not important and the audience doesn't think its important. It's just a tree.

    Act 2: the wooing; you should how he slowly charms her using drawings on the window; you show the seasons passing from spring through to winter (Christmas is coming). At the end of Act 2 you show that she's now expecting the window cleaner - she loves him - but he doesn't show up. She's disappointed.

    Act 3 : some kind of lovely twist; this isn't quite right, but just when we think he's done a runner or something, he does something hugely romantic... I don't know, like she locks-up the beauty parlour and goes outside - and it's snowing Edward Scissorhands-style - (it's actually soap suds from the window cleaner) and the tree is hanging with soap bubble baubles, and it's all rather lovely... or something like that...

  2. oh and it did occur to me that maybe the female character is the cleaner at the beauty parlour, so she's like the least glamorous of all the women in there, and is rather looked down upon - a proper Cinderella set-up.

  3. Saw this - thought of your window cleaner and your Christmas tree!