Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Invisible Cities: Argia, Armilla, Diomira & Moriana 106 - 113

Jumping back to traditional thumbnails, I looked at the cities Argia, Armilla, Diomira and Moriana. I worked quicker this time – somehow, with graphite I feel more comfortable drawing the cities and using effective perspective; I may need to practice this more in Photoshop. On this page, I started off with Argia, however as this city is described with being full of clay and has a rocky terrain, I feel I couldn’t make an actual city be visible, so I moved onto another city. My favourites on this page would be #108, #110 and #112. Moriana reminds me of the scenery of Assassins Creed II – an Italian renaissance stealth adventure game. The “Medusa chandeliers” gave me many ideas and I looked at my influence map to see Venice, which heavily influenced these designs. I also am really fond of the point of view on #108: the water pipes receding down into the ground and water gushing out from this perspective is very dynamic. Soon, I will begin to chose a select few cities and refine the thumbnails.


  1. yes - some lovely dramatic POVs here - but again, I'd encourage you to 'grow' a more expansive composition from thumbnail 108 - so, take it into Photoshop, drop it into a new 16:9 canvas - and continue the drawing - show us what is outside the frame of this original thumbnail - extend the view!

    1. I really do struggle imagining and even using reference to draw, let alone expand backgrounds /settings, it's an enormous weak point, but I will completely take on board what you've said and try this ASAP! Thank you for the feedback Phil.