Monday, 28 September 2015

Maya Tutorial 2: Block Modelling

It seems Maya and I struggle to get along at the moment. In class, I designed this version of the block modeled ray gun, however things started to go wrong as I couldn't get rid of the Lattice square outline and be fully able to render and outline this model successfully. I couldn't fix it, so I decided to model the gun from scratch again. The positive side of this model is that I like the spikes that add character.

Version 2 of the gun. This time, I followed Alan's online tutorial and took my time. I feel in class, things went extremely fast and like last time with the egg cups, I had to start again. However, I was expecting this to happen, and I am glad to keep going and not give up. I am really happy with the outcome now.

The rendered versions. I really like the toon effect: the model looks as though it was simply drawn in Photoshop. I also like using the tumble tool and see the colours reflect and create a smooth reflective surface.


  1. Great job, the trigger could use a little more definition around the edges, but other than that well done.