Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Invisible Cities Thumbnails: Zirma and Anastasia 90-105

Zirma: 90 - 97
Anastasia:  98 - 105

Continuing my thumbnails, I come to the last of Calvino’s cities: Zirma. This time, I tried a different way of painting – laying down all the background tones and then blocking on top. I thought the end result would be good, however I was actually unsatisfied with it. This led me to actually outline and highlight small details in a white colour, which dramatically improved the thumbnails. I like the inverse effect and sharp little details the lighter colour gives. My favourites for the city of Zirma are #90, #95 and #97. I like the perspective and composition of the drawings. I believe #93 and #94 could use improvement as they don’t really fully show the city. 

The sketched black and white section goes back to the first city: Anastasia. I wanted to explore this city again as this was the very first ones I attempted, plus with the freedom I've learned when it comes to thumbnails, I wanted to attempt them again. I’m not sure of this different technique I used to draw the cities – it looks quite messy, yet they resemble the style I used when i drew in pen and shaded with Promarkers. I think they could all do with some improvement, but I was happy to let the pen flow and see what happens.


  1. I love the Zirma thumbnails, they have a lot of cool stuff going on and the choice of colour is very nice. To me it feels like a city that would come alive during the night.

    Keep them coming.

  2. yes, Zirma has a real 'film noir' vibe going on!

  3. Agreed. I love this reddish tone going on! 90 has a fabulous angle to it and Im getting a great sense of depth out of that one and 92. I also love 96, it really feels like we're staring up at the dirigibles. And 97's structures really dwarf you. Brilliant! More please! :D