Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Invisible Cities: Esmerelda, Fedora, Isaura and Leonia Thumbnails 42 - 49

Esmerelda: 42 and 43
Fedora: 44 and 45
Isaura: 46 and 47
Leonia:  48 and 49

The second set of traditional thumbnails exploring more cities. I tried to up the pace, but in some cases some drawings came out looking a bit too rushed, such as 43 and 49. However, overall, I do like how these came out, my most favourite being 42. This was created with the aid of my influence map and the image of Venice, but with my own little twist. I also like the composition and the depth the Promarkers give. 

Some cities are given a large description, whilst others are given very little. I like this concept as for each city, they can be interpreted in many ways.

I believe on the next set of thumbs I will do more for each city - this time round it felt quite difficult to think up ideas, but as I keep going I gain more experience and I am enjoying this much more.