Saturday, 26 September 2015

Invisible Cities: Phyllis, Sophronia and Tamara 66 - 81

Phyllis: 66 - 69
Sophronia: 70 - 75
Tamara: 76 - 81

Continuing the digital art journey, I'm slowly getting happier with the outcomes. I mostly enjoyed painting the city of Sophronia - half amusement park, half city. I felt the atmosphere and perspectives are more striking than the rest of the images. I struggled with Tamara, the sign covered city, and I can feel myself getting a little repetitive with the designs. However, I changed things up by painting white into a black background, and doing pure sketches too. I am happy with the progress compared to the very first few thumbnails I have done. 
 My favourites for this section would be #66, #70, #72 and #81. I feel they have an impact on the eye and you can see what I was imagining. The ones that could do with the most improvement would be #78, #79 and #80. The last two especially lack depth, yet the quick paced speed paints are a good variant.


  1. Nice set of thumbnails. :) I like 70 and 72. Keep it up!

  2. Really nice, Manisha - these thumbnails caught my eye immediately! Really like the way in which you're packing out the compositions and creating a sense of density! I do have a suggestion for you: I'd like to see you using some of these thumbnails to 'grow' a bigger thumbnail, which extends and opens out the perspective - so, for example, take no 71 back into Photoshop - and 'shrink it' to fit inside a new 16:9 canvas - then, grow more of the surrounding city from what you've already established - what is happening beyond the frame of this view?

    1. Thanks for the feedback Phil - will keep this in mind! :)

  3. Another lovely page, I agree with Phil, seeing more would be exciting.