Monday, 28 September 2015

Photoshop Digital Painting : Master Studies & Abstracts

I'm very happy with the outcomes of the master studies. I also learnt that there is no need to always be zoomed in and focus on tiny details - blocking out colour, then roughly refining is just as effective. I also feel these exercises help a lot when it comes to practicing scenery and environments for personal experience.  

Abstract paintings - not focusing on actual buildings and structures, but allowing freedom to create never before seen shapes and forms.

More abstract paintings - this time mostly using the lasso, polygonal lasso and transform features. I am fond of the clean, sharp lines and layered grey tones.

This was a very fun exercise. Taking our two versions of abstract drawings, we combined a chosen few together and warped, deformed and manipulated the images : stacked, layered and, in this case I colourised the images (with the use of changing the layer's blending modes, e.g: overlay, soft light etc) which gave a very nice effect and colour.


  1. I adore the orange combo abstract painting...the one that looks like it has a yellow star in it =]

  2. some lovely stuff here - the middle set straight out of Caligari-land!

  3. These are top notch! I love the pink scene in your last page. it feels like you're in a neon city looking up towards the penthouse suite, being towered over by the structures... Awesome stuff!

  4. Agreed, really great stuff Manisha. Strong master studies and love those abstracts.