Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Invisible Cities: Armilla, Baucis and Despina Thumbnails 17-33

Here are the second set of thumbnails, again done digitally.

Numbers 17- 24: Armilla
Numbers 25 - 28: Baucis
Numbers 30 - 33:  Despina

I was inspired by our first Photoshop class to move onto more monochrome work, instead of taking time to pick colours, and to also use the lasso tool to quickly map out shapes sharply. This method proved to be much quicker and less stressful trying to perfect things - it felt more natural like graphite on pencil. I also feel the perspective studies helped me to think of dynamic perspectives, such as number 21 (which is a birds eye view: a crow is visible on the upper right corner), number 19 with the man looking right up, and number 27, looking down again.

That being said, I strongly feel I need to keep improving my structural drawings - I feel very inexperienced with this, and thus I feel it shows. However, with perseverance and research, I know I can gradually get better.


  1. really like these more expressive thumbnails, Manisha - atmospheric and dramatic!

    1. Thank you Phil! must keep improving though!

  2. I agree with Phil, these feel really spontaneous and moody! I like them very much and I like your new exciting viewpoints! 19, 21 and 24 really appeal to me.