Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Invisible Cities: Diomira and Ersilia Thumbnails 34 - 41

Diomira: Numbers 34 - 37
Ersilia: Numbers 38 - 41

This time round, I have drawn some thumbnails traditionally. There is a vast difference between my traditional and digital skills - these thumbnails are clearer in terms of perspective and actual structures. I'm happy with these sets of drawings - keeping up the practise of perspective, looking at reference images and not setting too much pressure on myself, these more relaxed and better looking sketches came about. I like number 34 - the perspective is to my liking, and I like numbers 38 and 39 too: with the chaos of strings and lack of inhabitants, and the perspective of 39 is dynamic, plus is inspired by what I saw in the Photoshop class. However, one nit-pick is that these took a little longer than the digital thumbnails, so I need to work on not being into too much finer details.

I hope to carry the positive traits forward with my digital skills.


  1. Ah I really like all of these! Nice job, keep them coming!

  2. This won't help you a jot, but I love them all! XD haha. Were I to HAVE to choose a design or two though it'd be 34, 36 and 39 as well. :P