Saturday, 26 September 2015

Invisible Cities: Leonia, Moriana and Octavia 50 - 65

Leonia: 50 - 52
Moriana: 53 - 57
Octavia: 58 - 65

 Another set of thumbnails exploring three more cities. I began with a struggle; it seems when using a tablet, even though there is freedom to paint strokes and create quick work, it still took me quite a while to make these, and the lack of practice of continuously drawing cityscapes/ scenery shows.

However, as you go along the images, I feel i get more comfortable. I did find it hard to imagine Moriana: number 57 portrays the sharp spikes in planks, piles of cans and soot covered pipes. My most favourite to draw is definantely Octavia, the spider web covered city. It came easier to me to imagine a birds eye, close up and far away perspective and addition of thin webs. Even though it is a challenge, I am going to keep going to put my ideas out there whilst gaining experience.


  1. 52 and 55 are working well for me, lots of interesting shapes, really fond of the slight angle on 52.

  2. Ooh I love 52 and 55. Kind of remind me of the set in Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari. I like 63 too, really nice point of view.

  3. 52 and 55 are really nice designs. I also like the angles and structuring of 58 and 60