Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Personal Work - Photoshop Painting Practise

Recently, I have experimented with a number of different painting techniques using Photoshop and the Intuos Pro tablet. After upgrading from a Bamboo tablet after two years, the Intuos is an incredible graphics tablet that feels more natural to draw with. Here is my most recent painting of a bust - I usually struggle with achieving a good skin tone and I am happy with the progress. I must experiment in painting more structures and vehicles which are my weaker areas, and give equal attention to 3D work.


  1. Wow, this is fantastic. Great job, Manisha! :D

  2. I especially love the way you captured the light

  3. Hi Manisha!
    My name is Emily, I'm a recently graduated CAA student and I will be your mentor for the next few weeks!! :D I really enjoyed your summer project thumbnails. You have a very clean precise sort of architectural approach. But I love how in your description of your refined life form, there was clear consideration and almost backstory as to how the creature came to be. It made really interesting reading! I look forward to seeing your designs for Invisible cities! I think you're going to make some awesome stuff!

    If you ever want to ask me any questions about the course feel free to email me anytime!
    Otherwise I shall be around the blogs and catching up in comments! Catch you later!!

    1. Hi there Emily! very nice to meet you!

      Oh thank you very much for your kind words :D I'll be sure to email you, I have many questions haha

      Thanks again :)