Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Maya Tutorial 1 : Creating Eggcups

After the first attempt of creating an eggcup in class, I wasn't satisfied with the shape, so I decided to re-do it. The purple eggcup shows the second time creating it with NURBS, and this time round I had a much better understanding and took my time. With the second grey eggcup, I followed Alan's online tutorial, however something in the pipelines went quite wrong and I ended up with an odd shape. I found myself to be rushing ahead again and not carefully listening to the tutorial, so I attempted the grey one all over again.

This third eggcup is a re done version of the very first eggcup in the line. As can be seen, there is a vast improvement and I am very happy with the second attempt. I believe what went wrong was just editing with the Edge Loop tool and not moving the segments of the shape as a whole.

The finished set of eggcups. I am really happy with the outcomes and slowly but surely, Maya is becoming just that bit easier.

Highlighted views of the cups. The purple is a NURB, turquoise is a low quality polygon, the yellow a subdivision and the red a polygon smoothed.


  1. Excellent Manisha, little by little is the best way to tackle Maya.