Monday, 5 October 2015

Artists Toolkit: Digital Buildings / Structures

In today's session, we created simple buildings and structures inspired by Calvino's descriptions. I finally feel I'm letting go of constantly going into every detail - these were made with simple brush strokes, the lasso tool and some minor highlights. The simple techniques created some very interesting creations.

After creating the simple structures, we then created a whole environment with them. This included duplicating, warping, stretching and painting in some details. I'm really happy with the outcomes - I usually have a lot of trouble drawing scenery in Photoshop, and I always usually feel I'm not using the right techniques. After doing this, there is significant improvement in terms of city content and even perspective. It's not completely to a professional standard, but I'm really happy with the personal development. The top two are my most favorite, whilst with the bottom two,I feel I couldn't think of a good perspective and perhaps added a little too much detail. Either way, this technique has shined a new light with approaching digital painting. 


  1. some lovely stuff getting started here, Manisha - and I always enjoy how positive and 'can do' you are! Refreshing and inspiring! Onwards!

  2. Excellent stuff here! I really like these designs. And its great to see you finding your way through your building challenge! Keep going! :D