Sunday, 18 October 2015

Invisible Cities: Interior Shot progress (feedback?)

Working on the interior shot. Do you think I need to add anything else?


  1. I do have a question for you Manisha - why this interior in all of Octavia? Is this interior able to tell us anything more about the cultural life of Octavia? Where is this corridor, and is it an 'unremarkable' corridor, and if so, would a concept artist be asked to imagine it? Is there another part of Octavia you could show us that would be more 'important' or explanatory?

    1. to be honest Phil, I don't know what to do anymore ... :(

      It should be more established? A different angle? Have statues?


    2. Don't Panic! :( I think what Phil is trying to say is that you may want to tackle an interior of an important building in terms of your city. Say for example if your city is religious you may want to draw inside their place of worship :) Think beyond the corridor! What amazing things does it lead to, what kind of life do it's people live? :D

  2. I think if you try and change the angle of the perspective it could help here.