Friday, 16 October 2015

Feedback Please! Invisible Cities: Octavia Colour Scheme

 These are rough sketches and colour comps but...

Could I have some feedback/ ideas for the colour scheme of Octavia? It is seen as a city mostly made of metal, scrap and is hung by webbing and wiring between two mountains, and consists of hammocks, hanging baskets, rope, ladders etc. I'm finding it difficult to choose a good colour scheme that isn't too child-like , but when I use duller colours it doesn't work... help please!


  1. Hmm though 1 and 6 are very nice it doesn't read metal and scrap to me. I think something like 5 could possibly be a better idea, if maybe some of your materials were rusted copper it would explain why it was green. You could possibly bring in some orange and grey too :)

  2. why don't you colour pick from something appropriate as your guide for a palette? For example: