Friday, 2 October 2015

@Phil Invisible Cities: Thumbnail Refinement (Armilla)

Following Phil's advice to expand the view on Armilla (original thumbnail no. 108), I have tried to open up the environment and place what else I think would consist of this city. Although I find structures, environments and backgrounds generally hard, I think this came out okay. I like the perspective as though you're peeking out from one of the soaring water pipes and can see the water flow down and observe everything around you.


  1. I think this has worked really well for you, Manisha - it feels very immersive :) I'm tempted to suggest you do another zoom out from this thumbnail...

  2. I like this very much! Perhaps looking up some footage and stills from a helicopter over various cities will help you get the sense of scale? It might help you in shrinking this thumbnail into a bigger scene....