Wednesday, 7 October 2015

OGR: Online Greenlight Review - Invisible Cities


  1. Looks really good! Not only liking the color selections but you have been very detailed with your writing and thumbnails. One nit-pick though on some slides with the words going downwards it can be a little difficult to make out the word, if look at it long enough you can read it but it is a little difficult to read. Its really, really good though!

  2. OGR 08/10/2015

    Hey Manisha,

    Firstly, what a rich, exuberant and satisfying body of work so far. So many thumbnails, so much quality, and real sense of you 'going exploring' through Calvino's word. I suppose, if I'm being completely honest, I was hoping you were going to pursue Armilla, as your thumbnailing for this city was particularly successful in my view and I thought you really brought out the comedy of that city. Your Octavia thumbnails, were, by comparison, a little more generic - but this in no way an instruction for you to change your mind. Indeed, I liked very much your description of the inhabitants of Octavia as being 'everyone out for themselves' and a bit 'mine, mine, mine' - and I can see how that relates nicely to the idea of spiders cocooning their treasures to satisfy their own appetites.

    In terms of figuring out the architectural logic of your buildings, you've got some way to go, and I'd suggest looking at this idea as broadly as possible in the first instance: everything from:é


    and beyond. In common with feedback I'm giving everyone else, I want you to now consider the logical hierarchies of cities - so, particular buildings with particular functions having different appearances in line with their use/symbolism/rank; if Octavia is a city, it will have a range of buildings, domestic dwellings, but also especial spaces - the seats of power (religious/governmental/royalty?), the sites of energy production (wind power/solar power - how does this city run?) and likewise modes of transport (cable cars, conveyor-belts, pullies, bridges, balloons?). I'd suggest when it comes to picking the subjects of the 'low angle' and the interior shot, you should think about showing us one/some of these more specialist environments.

    Time then to get stuck into the details of your choice, Manisha - with lots more drawing to come :)

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback! Time to get the work! :)