Saturday, 17 October 2015

Invisible Cities: Closing in on the Exterior Establishing Shot

Maybe I should move the long catwalk somewhere else, but... here is a small process of the exterior establishing shot (not final). I really like the composition and use of colours. Colour picking from rusty colours was the perfect idea, thank you Phil and Kayliegh! The bottom image of each section is a more zoomed out view.
   I feel I may need to add more houses below the dirt, but i'm really happy with the progress. Using gradient maps and blending modes to colour from greyscale didn't really work for me.

I would appreciate any feedback :)


  1. 2 things - it's a bit odd that the flags are blowing in opposite directions... and in terms of scale, I think you need to convey a greater sense of 'stuff' hanging below the city - so lots of smaller items and 'clutter'.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, will get right on it :)