Friday, 16 October 2015

@Phil Octavia Revisit / Improvement

(PHIL:) I re-read my mission statement and the text from Calvino. The city is actually described with everything actually hanging down : "All the rest, instead of rising up, is hug below: rope ladders, tearraces like gondolas, skins of water, gas jets, spits..." etc. I think there is alot of detail going on here, and I need to include the "accessories" that Calvino describes, as well as a general colour scheme.

And should the taller strucures be upside down or penetrating the ground right side up?

The revisited interiors. Looking into derelict style interiors and making them more "lived in" and worn down. 


  1. improvement! Onwards! :)

    I think you could have some 'elite' towers rising up, and a lot of the other structures hanging down...