Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Toolkit: Life Drawing - Male Nude

Today was the first time I experienced life drawing. It was really good and it's a great way to study anatomy. We started with a long period of time to draw the model to 10 minute drawings, 5 minute, and 30 second drawings. This is the first image I created. Using the easel and such a large piece of paper is something i'm not quite used to, so I feel the proportions are quite off.

A continuous line drawing. Not being able to lift the pencil off the paper did hinder the ability to create good proportions.

I liked the variety of poses the model gave us - these were done in, I believe 1 minute intervals.  As the time period shortened, I had to concentrate on getting the fundamentals of the poses.

These were done in 30 second intervals. I don't think I've ever drawn so fast! This was a fun exercise, though.

The last drawing was done in 20 minutes. I feel the head it quite small but I'm quite happy with the outcome.


  1. I love that last one, I wouldn't say the head is too small at all. That's my opinion though, I always struggle with head size too -_-

  2. Your drawings have lovely movement in them :) I really love the quick sketches!

  3. The 30 second and 1 minute ones are so dynamic :) Lovely!

  4. Great job! Well done for producing such amazing drawings in first ever life drawing experience : D

  5. I agree with Sam - first time? Some cracking work on show here, Manisha! Officially impressed!

  6. Oh wow, thank you so much everybody! Bless you all c: