Thursday, 15 October 2015

Invisible Cities: Octavia Interior Development

Looking into ideas for the interior, I'm thinking I should show one of the tall towers inside. I'm keeping with a sci-fi, metallic theme, and when choosing a colour scheme, the colours are kept quite cool. I also chose a warm colour scheme to see how it would work, but I prefer the first two colour combinations. The white highlights are light strips that illuminate the rooms and link them, much like the web theme of Octavia. I've also put in some string art and beams to hold up the interior - although I initially thought of the city becoming ruins, the richest towers will hold the most wealth and have well - looked after interiors. The inside also seems quite vacant - to me, there isn't a very big population within Octavia.

 Gif process animation

Here are two images that gave me inspiration for interior structure, as I'm not familiar drawing the insides of buildings.

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