Thursday, 15 October 2015

Invisible Cities: Structure Refinement

Coming away from the traditional sketches, I moved onto Photoshop to refine some prominent structures / buildings. The futuristic aspect is coming through, as well as incorporating Macrame, webs and string art. I think that the most important building should have a glowing gem to show it's power, as well as a symbol of "8" turned on it's side (which looks like the infinity symbol - this city will be here for all eternity, as a symbol of hope?) or up like a time glass. The smaller houses and buildings are kept fairly simple as they aren't as important as the rich upper class - so there is less detail to show; they have the bare basics. I really like the first five structures, but i'm also keeping in mind not to get carried away with every inch of detail. Remembering what Jordan said, giving the impression of detail is just as good.

Bonus image! The sketches before adding tonal values.


  1. Hmm - glowing gems??? Sounds a bit generic fantasy to me... where are the gems coming from in terms of Calvino's descriptions, I wonder? And is Octavia truly this super-futuristic? Doesn't Calvino suggest that the world of this city in terms of materials and likely engineering is a bit, well, simpler and lo-tech? It's beginning to look a bit like 'Manhattan'...

    1. Thank you for the chat today Phil - I feel like I've had an epiphany :) as you say: "Onwards!"